While I was away... I decided to run a marathon

Hey All,

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write a blog post for the website. I took a little bit of a break for the summer. Then I decided to travel to Russia for a few weeks in the Fall. Then when I got back I found out that I’m eligible to run the 2019 Boston Marathon!!

I’m really excited to train for this event - but it’s taking a lot of time and commitment. Unfortunately - that means there won’t be many updates around here until the spring. However, I’ll do my best to keep posting pictures here, on Instagram and Facebook from time to time. Until then though, I could use your help.

As you may know, the Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and is one of only six races to form the World Marathon Majors. Running the Boston Marathon is a big deal and I feel phenomenally lucky to be able to take part.

During the next few months, I'll be training hard to get in shape and complete this race. Over the course of my training, I'll be running somewhere between 900 - 1500 km to prepare for the big day. I'll be posting updates to my training progress on Facebook over the coming weeks.

This is where I need your help. As a non-qualifying runner I’m required is raising funds for a great charity: Easter Seals Camps. I've been given the goal of raising $2500 by race day! Please help me reach this goal by donating to this worthy cause.

Thank you for your support!


Cloud Backup & Storage IX: Service Round Up

Over the past few weeks we’ve taken a looks at some cloud backup services (and some services that you shouldn’t be using for their “backup” capabilities)…

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Cloud Backup & Storage VIII: 500px

Like the other social media platforms we’ve looked at, 500px isn’t really designed as a back-up service, however, it isn’t like the other social media platforms either. 500px seems to actually be a photo-centric social media licensing platform. In short, it’s what we all wished/thought Flickr was.

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Cloud Backup & Storage VII: OneDrive

In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services today we’re going to take a look at: OneDrive. Aside from the concerns I shared about Amazon & Apple, Microsoft’s cloud storage is a good option from a privacy and support perspective.

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Cloud Backup & Storage VI: iCloud

In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services, today we’re going to take a look at: iCloud. Aside from the concerns I shared about Amazon (that I also share regarding Apple) this cloud storage is pretty good.

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Cloud Backup & Storage V: DropBox

In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services today we’re going to take a look at Dropbox.

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Cloud Backup & Storage IV: Amazon Prime Photos

Aside from the troubling thought of contributing the coffers of the richest person in the world, one of the world’s most influential and powerful oligarchs and the maltreatment of his workers, Amazon makes a pretty compelling backup service… In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services today we’re going to take a look at: Amazon.

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Cloud Backup & Storage III: Facebook & Instagram

In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services today we’re going to take a timely look at two of the most popular social media platforms out there: Facebook and Instagram. Obviously, these service aren’t really intended as backup services. The reason I’m including them in this round-up of ‘backup’ services is that I’ve actually known people that have used them to backup photos… important photos.

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Cloud Backup & Storage II: Flickr

This post is timely for those of you with dormant Flickr accounts (guilty). Up until May 25, 2018, (THIS FRIDAY!!) users have the option of deleting their Flickr account before their data are transferred to yet another company. In light of the recent controversies with the proliferation and loss of control over personal data (including photos) and the fact that I don’t really use my Flickr account anymore, I chose to delete my account. If you don’t really use your Flickr account anymore - I’d encourage you to also follow suit.

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Cloud Backup & Storage: Google Photos

I wanted to introduce the first in a series of blog entries that will serve as a guide to some of the more popular cloud backup options that exist. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at Amazon, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, and some social media platforms as a means of backing up your photos to the cloud. For those of you ready to choose a cloud service that meets your needs, keep reading.

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Pale Blue Dot is 1 Today!

Pale Blue Dot is 1 today. One year ago, I launched this little website and have been bringing you (almost) weekly blog entries and photos. I hope you've enjoyed them! It's a great feeling to have reached this milestone. If you have anything you'd like to see from this website, please comment section on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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How To Choose A Cloud Back-Up Service

When it comes to cloud back-up options, there are an endless supply of options to choose from. How do we choose one from the many services offered? Are there differences? What are the costs (if any)? Are there storage limits? There are many other factors to consider too.

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When Editing Photos It's Best To Use A Light Touch

Usually, I'm an advocate for editing your photos as it's very rare that a photo couldn't benefit from a bit of polishing. But once in a while, we all need to be reminded that it's best to use a light touch when editing. Last week's issue of Vanity Fair's cover photo...

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Street Photography: Law, Ethics, Morals and Best Practices

When I got back from Morocco a few months back, another Instagram user posted photos of mine on Instagram. To be fair, this user did give me full credit but didn't seek permission ahead of time for using my photograph. So, I reached out to them to ask that they take the photo down (or compensate me for its use). The conversation took an interesting direction...

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The Trouble with Animal Selfies

The more you travel, the more you’ll  run into situations where, as a tourist, you are being offered services (or goods) that involve the exploitation of another. If you’re trying to travel responsibly and ethically (and you should be) - it’s a troubling, sad, and often frustrating part of travel

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Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year from Pale Blue Dot Photography

This week's blog post will be the final one for 2017. It's a time of year to unplug from email, websites and social media to decompress for a while. Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year from Pale Blue Dot Photography!

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Portrait Mode Falls Short

The best camera you can buy is the one you have with you. So often, that translates into a light-weight/multi-functional device - i.e. a smartphone camera. And smartphone cameras are improving every year - especially on the software end of the equation. With dual-lense cameras, you're able to get DSLR-like results from a 200g phone. However, we're not quite...

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Just Smash Your Camera To Bits

This week's news items take place a little closer to home (if you live in Canada). Artists, including photographers, own the images that they make. However, there is a limit to what a photographer is able to capture and protect. Here are two examples that occurred in Canada this past week...

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