Pale Blue Dot Store

So you may have noticed in the last few days that I've been busy adding e-commerce functionality to the website this week. So, in keeping with the weekly announcements around here, I'm pleased to be able to offer my photographs for print and delivery.

I'm offering prints on two different mediums: Fine Art Prints & Paper and Metal Prints. The Fine Art (or Giclée - if you're feeling fancy) prints are printed with premium archival ink in 8 colours (rather than the standard CMYK) to give a rich and wide colour spectrum. The Metal Prints infuse the image into the metal, giving the metal prints an uncanny luminescence. These high-quality prints are each available in a variety of sizes.

All orders will be printed and shipped flat and all prices include taxes. As always, if you have any questions, please drop me a line!

Feature Photograph of the Week - Qorikancha

Inti Kancha

This week's feature photo is also from my 2015 trip to Peru. It depicts a woman in bright colours standing inside the Convent of Santo Domingo in Cuzco, Peru. Qorikancha (also known as Into Kancha), is one of the most fascinating places in Peru. The site itself was once the holiest place in the Incan Empire, until the conquest by the Spanish. The Spanish then built the Convent of Santo Domingo over-top the temple, using the Incan walls as the convent's foundation - a church built on top of an ancient temple. It's a striking place, a place where the domination of European civilization due to the subjugation of the indigenous Inca culture is palpable.

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