Cloud Backup & Storage VII: OneDrive

In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services today we’re going to take a look at: OneDrive. If you need a primer on backups in general start here.

Aside from the concerns I shared about Amazon & Apple, Microsoft’s cloud storage is a good option from a privacy and support perspective.

Free Storage Option: 5GB

Paid Storage Option/Annual Cost: 50GB/$24 per year

Compression: No

JPG Support: Yes

TIFF Support: Yes

RAW Support: Yes

Device Support: Good across most devices - but ideal for Windows machines.

Ease of Backup: Automated

Ease of Restoring: Automated

Other Benefits: Integrates seamlessly with Windows.

Privacy: Not bad!

Licensing: Users retain licensing rights and ownership of their photos and files. (Yay!!)

Again, just wish that the pricing/storage options for this service were more competitive with other options we’ve looked at. 50GB for $24/year is very pricey and is too little storage to make this a viable long-term backup solution of photography. I think this service is really intended for business use isn’t really the best option for individuals.

Next week, we’ll take a closer look at 500px.

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Feature Photograph of the Week - Misty Morning

Rocky island, floating in the mist

Rocky island, floating in the mist