Cloud Backup & Storage III: Facebook & Instagram

In keeping with our look at popular cloud backup services today we’re going to take a timely look at two of the most popular social media platforms out there: Facebook and Instagram. We’re gonna tackle them at the same time since they are both part of the same company and largely have the same functionality when it comes to backing up photos. If you need a primer on backups in general start here.

Obviously, these service aren’t really intended as backup services. They are, and have always been intended at social media platforms. The reason I’m including them in this round-up of ‘backup’ services is that I’ve actually known people that have used them to backup photos… important photos. I wish I were kidding. My hope is that this week’s blog discourages the use of these services (and all services not designed specifically as a backup service) for storage.

Once you take a look at the stats below, you should be very wary of using Facebook or Instagram for backing up your photos. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock, in light of all the recent news regarding Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we should all be wary of using these services for ANY purpose until significant, meaningful changes are made.

Free Storage Option: Unlimited

Paid Storage Option/Annual Cost: N/A

Compression: Yes. Heavily shit. These photos look decent ONLY on your phone.

JPG Support: Yes

TIFF Support: No

RAW Support: No.

Device Support: All devices known to humanity (though Instagram is admittedly smartphone centric)

Ease of Backup: Sample

Ease of Restoring: Sample

Other Benefits: Sample

Privacy: Haven’t you been paying attention?! Wake up!

Licensing: “While you keep ownership of your photos, Facebook/Instagram grants itself a "non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license" to your photos.” Good God!

In light of the scandal, Facebook has promised to address privacy concerns and put more control into the hands of its users. Time will tell…

Next week, we’ll take a closer look at Amazon.

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The end of the day on Owen Sound